How to Clean Bamboo Wind Chimes


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There are wind chimes made from a variety of materials, each with different durability levels. Bamboo wind chimes, which are a favorite among those who like to use sustainable products, can last several years.

However, they need proper care and cleaning on a regular basis if they’re going to last as long as possible. 

Cleaning bamboo wind chimes properly requires a combination of keeping them out of harsh conditions, wiping them down, removing mold, and applying varnish when necessary. 

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In this guide, we’ll look into the different ways you can clean your bamboo wind chimes to extend their life and protect them from deterioration and breakages.

Let’s explore the following topics:

  • When should you bring bamboo wind chimes inside?
  • How do you clean dirt and grime off of bamboo wind chimes?
  • How do you clean mold off of bamboo wind chimes?
  • How do you varnish bamboo wind chimes?
  • How long do bamboo wind chimes last?

When should you bring bamboo wind chimes inside?

There are certain times of the year when bamboo needs to have protection from the outside elements, depending on what climate you live in.

Although bamboo is a very durable material, it can become susceptible to cracks, grime, mold, and breakages in harsh winter weather or extreme heat.

This is because the bamboo will expand and contract as it comes into contact with extreme weather changes. 

Therefore, you should bring bamboo wind chimes inside during extreme winter weather or for the entirety of the winter season so that they’re protected from harsh conditions that could make them crack and break.  

How do you clean dirt and grime off of bamboo wind chimes?

When cleaning bamboo wind chimes, one of the most important jobs you’ll have is to regularly wipe off the dirt and grime that collects on them.

It’s simple enough to do this part of the job since you can wipe down bamboo with a damp cloth to remove dirt. 

Just make sure to be gentle when you wipe off the dirt and grime so that you don’t damage the surface or cause any other problems with your wind chimes.

Apply a coat of varnish in the spring.

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How do you clean mold off of bamboo wind chimes?

You can clean mold off of bamboo wind chimes in a very similar method that you use to clean dirt and grime off of the wind chimes.

Using a damp clean cloth, you can wipe off mold. Make sure to dispose of the cloth properly afterwards so that you don’t contaminate other surfaces with mold spores or harmful growth. 

If the mold has gotten pretty bad on your bamboo wind chimes, you might even need to employ some bleach to thoroughly clean them.

Bamboo wind chimes are susceptible to mildew since they often hang in shady areas that don’t get enough sunlight to thoroughly dry the moisture off of them.

The buildup of mildew may seem harmless, but it can actually lead to allergic reactions and issues with breathing. 

In this case, you could take a diluted bleach solution to your bamboo wind chimes to get off growth and bacteria.

A few tablespoons of bleach to about one cup of water is a good ratio that will help to remove mildew stains left behind from the mold.

You can let this solution sit for about five minutes on your bamboo wind chimes before using a gentle cloth to clean it off. 

Always make sure to wipe the bamboo dry or leave it out in the sun where it can fully dry after cleaning with water or liquids.

This way, you won’t cause even more issues with mold and mildew. 

How do you varnish bamboo wind chimes?

Another way that you can protect your bamboo wind chimes so that they last longer is to apply a varnish to them after cleaning and drying them.

You can do this about once a year for optimal protection, but you don’t need to do it extensively. 

Applying varnish will seal in the bamboo’s surface and protect it from mold and dirt that would otherwise get caught in its grains.

Varnish also makes the surface less susceptible to extreme and harsh weather conditions, such as high heat and ice/snow. 

How long do bamboo wind chimes last?

This can vary, but if you take good care of your bamboo wind chimes and keep them out of extreme weather, they can last several years outside (up to about four years).

Bamboo is a fairly durable material. It won’t rust or oxidize as metal wind chimes will in many cases. Your bamboo wind chimes will, however, get cracks and breaks if you don’t provide regular maintenance for them.

Sealants such as stains, wax, and polyurethane are good options for varnishing bamboo wind chimes.

You can buy them at a pretty affordable price online or in craft stores and home improvement stores. Some examples include Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Spray Coating and Seal It Green Xtreme Sealer


Cleaning bamboo wind chimes on a regular basis helps to improve their longevity so you don’t have to keep buying new ones so often.

You mainly have to worry about keeping them clean and mold-free, keeping them away from harsh weather, and keeping them dry. 

By wiping off dirt and mold with a gentle, damp cloth, applying diluted bleach to mildew stains, and varnishing in the spring to protect them from damage, you can maintain your chimes for several years. 

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