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Get free garden rocks tips

Where Can I Get Free Garden Rocks?

In this article, we share 7 places to get hold of some decent garden rocks and how to clean them up so they are ready for your backyard. 

Which Paint Is Best for Garden Rocks?

Which Paint Is Best for Garden Rocks?

Let us help you find the best paint for garden rocks in this concise guide that includes some excellent paints that are perfect for your rocks!

Normal trampoline in the ground explained

Can You Put a Normal Trampoline In the Ground?

The market is awash with trampolines that are designed specifically for being installed in the ground. But can you put a normal trampoline in the ground?

Calculate cost of leaving porch lights on all night

This Is The Real Cost Of Leaving Your Porch Light On All Night

Whether to leave your porch light on or off often presents a dilemma to homeowners. Continue reading to gain insights into the actual costs of doing so. 

In Ground vs Portable Basketball Hoop guide

In Ground vs Portable Basketball Hoop- Which Is Better?

A basketball hoop is an investment and so it’s worth spending time researching which one meets your needs the most. Here is what you need to know.

Light up backyard without electricity ideas

How to Light Up Backyard Without Electricity

In this article, we’ll go through a selection of practical and convenient lighting solutions to light your space without installing electric cables.

Porch light colors explained

Porch Light Colors: What Do They Mean?

Colors can affect you more than you realize; some show support to causes and movements, while others evoke emotion. Here is our guide that is covering all you need to know.

How big backyard for a pool?

How Big Does a Backyard Need to Be for a Pool?

Here, we’ll share the dimensions your yard needs to accommodate a pool and some great options for having a pool of your own in any yard. 

Small backyard pool ideas ona a budget

12 Small Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget

Browse these 12 incredible images to get ideas of how you can create a pool in a small space. We’ve included loads of smart, practical, and affordable designs to get your creative juices flowing.

Choose the outdoor playset for older children tips

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Playset for Older Children and Adults

There are many different options available, so it can be tricky to find the right one. The right outdoor playset won’t be geared toward small children, and you’ll be able to modify parts of the playset as the kids grow.

landlord enter your backyard without permission california

Can A Landlord Enter Your Backyard Without Permission In California?

California has strict laws regarding a landlord’s rights to enter a tenant’s property. These rules apply to the entire rented area, including the backyard, garages, gardens, etc. 

Best time to buy patio furniture home

Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture

Did you know that the time of year can make a difference of as much as 70% on the price you’ll pay for patio tables and seating?

10 Affordable L-Shaped Furniture Covers buyers guide

10 Affordable L-Shaped Furniture Covers

If you have an L-shaped sectional, we have lined up 10 affordable L-shaped furniture covers that will keep wind, rain, snow and dirt from ruining your garden furniture.

Backyard trampoline sizes explained

Backyard Trampoline Sizes Guide

In this comprehensive backyard trampoline sizes guide, we’ll discuss all of the factors to consider when choosing the right sized trampoline for your needs.

How long Tiki torch wick last

How Long Does a Tiki Torch Wick Last

Tiki torch wicks usually last anywhere from 3-16 hours. Keep reading to find out about a wick that can burn almost indefinitely!