Can You Play Volleyball on Grass?


Yes, you can play volleyball on lawn grass. Many professional leagues treat grass volleyball nearly identical to beach volleyball matches. Since you’re playing outdoors, you’ll want to make some adjustments and take specific precautions.

While the answer to “can you play volleyball on grass” is yes, the discussion below goes into details about what you need to consider.

Volleyball on grass
Outdoor volleyball game on grass

Be sure to explore all the information before your next outdoor volleyball game!

Do I Need a Different Type of Ball for Games on the Grass?

You do need a different type of volleyball for games on lawn grass.

You’ll want to select an outdoor volleyball for these matches.

You might consider an outdoor ball that illuminates for games you play at dusk or nightfall.

Outdoor volleyballs can withstand the elements and exterior surfaces better than indoor balls.

Balls made for outdoor matches also weigh more and feature hand stitching.

Are Court Lines Observed During Outdoor Matches?

No, center court lines are not observed during outdoor matches.

Court violations are usually restricted to activities around or near the net.

For Instance: It’s a violation if you block the opposing team’s ability to play by making contact underneath the net.

Can I Play an Outdoor Volleyball Game Barefoot?

You are welcome to play your game barefoot on the grass.

Many people do this when it’s warm in the spring or summer.

However, you might prefer to wear shoes to keep your feet clean or protect them. You can wear tennis shoes if you want.

Can I Play an Outdoor Volleyball Game Barefoot?
Playing volleyball barefoot

Sometimes grass and lawns contain fertilizers and pesticides that irritate some people’s skin.

In addition, you could step on:

  • rocks
  • twigs
  • bugs
  • or even a wasp’s nest

A few wasp species are known for building their nests in the ground.

But if you’re playing in your backyard, you may have scoped it out beforehand.

Keep In Mind: If you want or need to walk on nearby concrete after the game, be sure to keep a pair of shoes nearby. You don’t want to burn your feet during those hot, hot summer days!

Are the Set Rules the Same?

Generally speaking, the rules for who wins an outdoor volleyball match are the same as indoor games.

The team with the best two out of three sets wins the game.

So if Team A wins the first set but not the second, you’ll need to play the third set to determine the winner.

Grass volleyball rules
Grass volleyball set rules

The team must score the winning number of points with at least a two-point lead to win a set.

Let’s say 16 points win a set but Team A scores 16 points and Team B has 15 points.

The set will continue until Team A or Team B scores 18 points.

But you’re in luck if your team wins the first two sets. You can walk away confidently as the winner of the match.

How Can I Set Up the Net?

Ideally, you want to find a place on the lawn where you can position the net so that each side has an even length of space.

You also want to avoid the obvious, such as trees and shrubs. This includes any tree roots and obstructions like patios where people could get hurt.

Playing volleyball grass net
Volleyball net

Bigger yards without a lot of other landscaping features are the best. You might also want to mark or flag any sprinkler heads.

You’ll typically be using stakes to secure the net in the grass. The last thing you want to do is damage a sprinkler head or another part of your irrigation system.

If you’re playing at a park, you might find there are already nets set up for you.

In the off chance there are not any nets, be sure to contact the city’s parks and recreation department to see if you’re allowed to assemble a net.

You may need to take out a permit or use certain equipment.

Where Can I Buy an Outdoor Volleyball Net?

The best place to find an outdoor volleyball net for a lawn is at a sports and fitness store.

You can also search online at major retailers to see which brands they sell.

However, going to a sports and fitness store will allow you to see the nets in person.

You’ll make better visual judgments about the size and can get instant answers to your questions.

The sales reps will also provide you with a list of recommendations based on your lawn.

Some areas, for instance, have hard or rocky soils. You may get tips like watering your lawn the day before to make installation easier.

Even Better: Some nets also come in sets that include an outdoor volleyball and travel equipment.

Is it More Rewarding to Play Volleyball on Lawn Grass?

Let’s face it.

Some players would rather be outside than on the court of the gym.

Getting fresh air and enjoying the sun and the scenery is enough to convince people.

But if you’re the kind of person who’s sensitive to the sun, heat, and bugs, you might not enjoy outdoor games as much.

Also, if the air quality in your area is poor, it can trigger conditions like asthma and allergies.

It really is up to you. You’re the one person who knows how you respond to outdoor versus indoor sports best.

You’ll find volleyball on lawn grass rewarding if you prefer outdoor walks, runs, or hikes to the treadmill.


Is someone asking can you play volleyball on grass?

Now you can for sure say yes. Whether you want to play a match against one or a group of friends, outdoor volleyball can be a fun spring and summer outdoor pastime.

For people with big enough yards, you can set up a net during a BBQ or summer get-together.

Be sure to create enough space on each side of the net and get a solid outdoor volleyball.

You can play the game with some of the same rules you use on an indoor court.

The main difference is that you don’t have to play between the lines.

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