Can You Paint Jenga Blocks?


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Yes. You can easily paint Jenga blocks to add a new element to any Jenga game. The best paint to use is acrylic for a long-lasting, vibrant finish on the blocks. However, you can also use watercolor and spray paints. You can paint Jenga blocks simply for the fun aesthetic or to level up your Jenga game.

Jenga is a great game and the potential with the blocks is endless!

Painting your Jenga blocks can add a unique twist to the original game or even create a brand-new game using the same (now colorful) blocks.

Paint Jenga Blocks
Painting Jenga Blocks

Garden Jenga blocks can be painted to match your garden theme or even be painted the same as your wedding reception colors.

Read our guide on painting Jenga blocks for different types of games so you can add some colorful flavor to your Friday night fun. 

How Do I Paint Jenga Blocks and Why Would I?

If you’re asking yourself, “can you paint Jenga blocks”, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re exploring the best methods of painting the blocks, including the best colors and paint types to use as well as the endless opportunities for fun, fresh ideas that come with painting your Jenga blocks.

Let’s get started. 

What Paints Should I Use? 

Most Jenga sets are made of wood so the ideal paint to use is acrylic.

You can find acrylic paints and paint sets in any art store or even places like the dollar store.

Acrylic paints are perfect for Jenga blocks because they will only require one or two layers at the most.

They will leave your blocks with a nice, solid finish for years that looks as if you bought them already painted.

The nice part about acrylic sets is that they usually come in dark vibrant colors. These colors will look the best on a wood Jenga set as we will discuss shortly. 

If small children are using the blocks you should consider using a suitable child-safe gloss finish.

Just in case they chew the blocks. We use Mod Podge for all our children’s toys

Can I Use Watercolor Paints? 

You can also use watercolor paints for a lighter look on the blocks.

However, you will have to use several layers to bring out the pigment and for them to last. Watercolor paints are great for children because they wash out of clothes and off the hands easily.

We recommend mixing with less water than you would when using watercolors on canvas or paper. This is because too much water will dilute the pigment in the paints making any shade difficult to see on the Jenga blocks.

And the more water you use, the longer the drying time!

You will also need to remember to use a suitable varnish for outside use.

Are Spray Paints Good for Painting Jenga Blocks?

Spray paints are another excellent option for Jenga blocks as they are easy to use, and the color will show up nicely on the blocks.

Jenga blocks winter fun
Colorful Jenga blocks

Just like acrylic and watercolor paints, you can find spray paints at any art supplies store.

The one element with spray paints to consider is they require some setup.

You will need to cover the area around the blocks in newspaper, a tarp, or anything you don’t mind painting.

Jenga blocks are quite small so the spray paint will paint the area around the blocks just as much as the blocks themselves.

We also recommend wearing gloves and an apron because spray paint tends to get crazy!

What Is the Best Brush for Painting Jenga Blocks?

The best brush to use to paint your blocks is one with a moderately wide brush tip.

The fewer strokes you have to do, the more solid the finish will look.

Plus, it means less work and time for you. With spray paints, you don’t need a brush. 

What Are the Best Colors for Painting Jenga Blocks?

The best part about acrylic paint is that it will hold up quite well against the wood of the Jenga blocks.

Jenga blocks painting tips and tricks
Jenga blocks painting guide

However, the lighter colors will inevitably cover the wood less than the darker ones will.

For instance, a navy blue will completely cover the wood while a sky blue may allow some wood to show through.

Whether you prefer a solid color on your blocks, or a nice pastel-painted wood look will determine which colors and maybe even the type of paint you use.

Plus: The more coats you add, the brighter the color will turn out.

What Are Some Ideas for Color Schemes for My Jenga Blocks?

If you’re painting Jenga blocks for a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) present for someone else, you may want to paint them that person’s favorite color.

For instance, if this freshly painted Jenga set is for your little cousin who absolutely adores everything about the outdoors.

Jenga blocks white wood
Jenga blocks

Then you could paint the blocks various shades of blue and green.

Or perhaps, you’re gifting these painted Jenga blocks to your best friend who is a sports team’s biggest fan.

Paint the blocks the team’s colors for some extra fan merchandise without breaking the bank.

What Games Can You Play with Painted Jenga Blocks?

The best part about painting Jenga blocks besides the added fun look is that you can create new games with them.

For instance, you can paint the blocks five different colors and each color will represent a certain number of points in the Jenga game.

So, when your friends get together to play, rather than just one person losing when the tower falls, you can collect points and see who wins the most.

Be Creative: You can even build the tower specifically so that the hardest blocks to pull are the colors with the most points. 

Final Thoughts

If you found yourself wondering, “can you paint Jenga blocks?” before reading this article, we hope you are confident in the answer after reading it.

Painting Jenga blocks adds a fun and unique element to any Jenga set.

The extra rules you can come up with for painted sets add a whole new dimension to the Jenga game.

You can match the Jenga set to your favorite colors so it will always be uniquely yours or paint them as a great gift for a friend.

Finally, painting Jenga sets can be a great craft idea for a kid’s birthday party or even just for yourself on a Sunday afternoon.

So, go get crafty!

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