How To Clean Tigers Stripes On Aluminum Gutters


Cleaning tiger stripes on aluminum gutters can be a lot of hassle.

Use a non-abrasive household detergent cleaner to remove tiger stripes from your gutters to get the best results.

How to clean tigers stripes on aluminum gutters tips
How to clean tigers stripes on aluminum gutters

Also, there are numerous products designed specifically for cleaning gutters available at home improvement and hardware stores. 

Some common brands include:

  • gutter Zap Cleaner
  • Gutter Brite
  • Streak Getter
  • and KRUD KUTTER 

Cleaning Tigers Stripes On Aluminum GuttersPreparation

Mildew may be present in the tiger stripes in some climates.

If this is the case, mix 12 parts Clorox Ultra Bleach, one-part laundry detergent, 36 parts water, and two parts trisodium phosphate to make a cleaning solution.

Wear eye protection, gloves, and appropriate clothing when making the solution, and thoroughly rinse the gutters after the cleaning process.

  Tiger Stripes
Cleaning gutter stripes in their early stages  Using a garden hose, spray the stripes with a strong stream of water. Wipe down the surface with a damp cloth or sponge.
Cleaning slightly tougher tiger stripesAdd a household cleaner or dishwasher detergent to the water and scrub the gutters. Rinse and wipe down  
Cleaning stubborn tiger stripesUse a specialized gutter cleaning product for tougher tiger stripes. Follow directions on the product label.

What You Need

  • Soft rag
  • Sponge
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Ladder
  • Goggles
  • Protective clothing
  • Rubber gloves
  • Bucket
  • Hose connected to a tap or other water outlet

Steps To Clean Tiger Stripes On Aluminum Gutters

1. Wear Your Protective Gear

Before handling any chemicals, wear the protective clothing mentioned above.

You may also require a hardhat for your head. This will protect you if objects from the roof fall on your head.

The gloves you wear should be rubber and designed for chemical handling.

Otherwise, the chemicals will penetrate the gloves and continue to harm you.

2. Prepare The Cleaning Product

All you need for this is a high-quality tiger stripe remover.

It is superior since it is specifically designed to break that bond and remove those stripes.

Prepare it as required; some products need to be diluted, while others should be applied directly.

Therefore, make sure you read the instructions correctly.

3. Apply Your Remover

The application process for each chemical is unique, as indicated by the instructions on the packaging.

You can spray the chemicals, apply them with a brush, or pour them on the gutter.

However, you need to pour water on the surface before applying the cleaning solution to the dark tiger stripes. 

If the stripes are pretty dark, apply a thick layer, ensuring that you thoroughly cover all areas.

The application should be evenly distributed in all areas where you want to remove the stripes. 

Keep In Mind: Regardless of how tough the tiger stripes are, avoid abrasive cleaning products that contain ammonia or are used as pain relievers. These cleaners have the potential to damage the finishing on your gutters.

4. Soak

After thoroughly covering the gutter with the remover, check the label to see how long it should be left before scrubbing or rinsing.

Some chemicals may require 5 minutes of sitting time, while others require 15 minutes.

On the other hand, others can be left without scrubbing or even rinsing.

5. Scrub 

Scrubbing is a good option if the remover cannot remove all of the dirt and you need to exert additional effort.

Cleaning tiger stripes aluminum gutters guide
Cleaning tiger stripes aluminum gutters

Take hold of a brush, work in sections, and gently scrub all the areas to ensure no debris remains. 

The amount of pressure to apply while scrubbing depends on how tough the stains are.

However, you don’t need to put in a lot of effort in most cases.  

If the results aren’t satisfactory, add more chemicals and scrub until you have a gleaming clean gutter.

Heads Up! Avoid using abrasive scrubbing brushes, which can damage the finish on your gutters.

6. Rinse

Once you are done scrubbing, wash away all remover residues and thoroughly rinse the gutter with running water.

If you can’t get a hose to the gutter, you can use a bucket.

Cleaning tiger stripes gutters products
Best products for cleaning tiger stripes gutters

To achieve the best results, use a light brushing motion. Repeat until the gutter is completely clean and no tiger stripes remain.

Also, rinse the area under the roof to remove any chemical spills from the cleaning process.

Chemical spills can cause long-term damage to your concrete and tiles. This is more so if the remover contains bleach.

Best Products For Cleaning Tigers Stripes On Aluminum Gutters

Tiger stripes are caused by electrostatic bonding of tar and asphalt from roofing material and other spoilage to painted surfaces and aluminum.

These stripes aren’t stains but rather molecules of one material bonded to molecules of another.

Therefore, for any product to be effective it has to split this chemical bond. Some everyday products that are able to achieve this include;

Streak Getter

To use:

  • Using a soft brush, lightly brush heavily soiled areas. This product is temperature-sensitive and will not work if the temperature is below 70 degrees. It works best if the temperatures outside are warm.
  •  To use this product, mix 1 part of it with 2 parts water.
  • Always wet surfaces and adjacent surfaces before applying.
  • Spray it on, wait a few seconds, and then wipe it off with a damp cloth or rinse with clean water.
  • One gallon of Concentrated Streak Getter is enough to clean 3600 feet of gutter.
  • Do not use full-strength concentrated Streak Getter on gutters without diluting it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Brush if needed. 
  • Rinse the cleaner off immediately with water.
  • Do not allow the cleaner to dry on surfaces.

Gutter Brite

To use:

  • This product can be used all year; however, it works best when the temperature exceeds 50 degrees. The higher the temperature, the better.
  • Depending on the severity of the stripes, one gallon of the super concentrate can clean up to 3,000 linear feet of gutters.
  • Before using it, dilute 1 part of gutter brite with 2 parts water.
  • The mixed product can be applied with a spray bottle, pump-up garden sprayer, etc. 
  • Spray it after diluting.
  • Allow it to settle for up to 5 minutes.
  • Scrub with a brush or rag.
  • Rinsing can be done with a garden hose with a pressure nozzle or pressure washer wand (may we suggest the Bosch Universal Aquatak 135?).
  • Repeat if necessary.

Gutter Zap Gutter Cleaner

To use:

  • Before using this product, always test for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area, and make sure the gutters are free of mold or mildew. Also, inspect gutters for signs of oxidation,
  • Cover any nearby areas that may be exposed to overspray.
  • Never use the cleaner undiluted. Fill an empty one-gallon container halfway with water and add 5 ounces of Super Concentrated Gutter Zap for lightly stained gutters or up to 10 ounces for heavily stained gutters.
  • Work in 10-foot sections, rinsing thoroughly as you go.
  • Use a standard pump-up sprayer to apply it, or pour the mixture into a container such as a 5-gallon pail and dip a Marxoff applicator or a soft-bristled brush on an extendable pole into the mix before applying it to the gutter.
  •  Do not allow the product to dry on any surfaces, including glass.
  • This product works best in temperatures above 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

KRUD KUTTER Gc32 Gutter Cleaner

To use:                

  • The Krud Kutter provides you with a revolutionary method of cleaning gutters while standing on the ground. There’s no need for a ladder, special tools, or scrubbing.
  • Mount the product directly to your garden hose.
  • Turn the water on. 
  • Turn the nozzle to rinse to spray surrounding surfaces and vegetation.
  • Turn the dial to clean and spray K’rud Kutter gutter wash directly onto gutters.
  • Let it soak for about 5 minutes.
  • Turn the dial to rinse, and spray the gutters, surrounding surfaces, and vegetation.

How To Prevent Tiger Stripes On Your Gutters

The best way to deal with tiger stripes on gutters is to take preventative measures.

Here are some tips that might help:

  • Check that your gutters are in good working condition- Any dents, cracks, or misaligned pieces can cause excess or leaky water to carry debris, resulting in streams ideal for tiger stripes.
  • Regular gutter maintainance- Keeping your gutters clean and well-maintained prevents them from backing up and keeps water flowing as it should. Don’t let your gutters become too clogged, or you’ll get tiger stripes.
  • Regular gutter cleaning- If your gutters begin to look dirty or if you notice the beginnings of stripes on them, use the garden hose to clean them. A strong stream of water with adequate pressure should suffice.
  • Install Gutter Guards- Gutter guards are designed to keep debris off your gutters. The guards also improve the flow of water throughout the gutter system. 
Aluminum gutters tiger stripes remove
Washing aluminum gutters

Final Thoughts

While you might be tempted to take a metal scrub and brush off all those tiger stripes, don’t overdo it.

Harsh chemicals or excessive abrasion will remove or soften the finish on aluminum gutters, reducing their lifespan and necessitating gutter replacement sooner.

Stick to softer sponges, rags, or low-pressure spray settings.

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