12 Small Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget


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With a small backyard, you may feel that the refreshing sensation of cooling off in your very own swimming pool is beyond your reach.

But we’re here to rip up the rulebook with 12 beautiful pools that are perfect for a small backyard. 

Small backyard pool ideas ona a budget
Small backyard pool ideas

Browse these 12 incredible images to get ideas of how you can create a pool in a small space.

We’ve included loads of smart, practical, and affordable designs to get your creative juices flowing.


Incredible in-ground pools for small gardens

In-ground pools are usually associated with expansive standard pool sizes, but many reputable in-ground pool manufacturers are muscling in on the small pool market.

A small in-ground pool is cheaper and quicker to install than its larger counterparts and makes an elegant addition to a small yard, although it, like semi in-ground pools, can come with its own problems.

Here are some beautiful designs.

In-ground plunge pool design

Small pools are a great opportunity for experimenting with unique shapes and this small plunge pool looks amazingly integrated into a patio.

In-ground plunge pool design idea
In-ground plunge pool design

The paved area makes having a pool in a smaller space sanitary, while the stepped levels mean you can take a seat or paddle.

The pool also makes great use of the corner of the garden with the foliage and vegetation surrounding the pool and the underwater light making it a real escape!

Maya pool by Riverpools and Spas

The Maya pool by Riverpools and Spas is a beautiful in-ground pool that lends itself to a variety of compact settings.

Building Small pool for backyard
Small pool for backyard

This is a fabulous cocktail pool design, that features a tanning ledge that gives a small pool a bit of gradient despite its small size.

You can also look for a pool with a built-in Baja shelf rather than a gradient to get the most out of your limited space. 

Olivia mini pool by Waterair

The Olivia mini pool by Waterair is a cute and stylish small backyard pool.

With a footprint of only 9 square meters, it’s a great solution for small gardens.

Easy to maintain too! This flat bottom pool comes with smart pool steps and can be lined in an unobtrusive grey sliver or marble color. 

Stylish plunge pool by Seaway

The Escondido plunge pool is a stylish and compact plunge pool by Seaway that works in a compact garden.

It is a cost-effective choice that offers easy maintenance.

The digging and disruption that comes with installing an in-ground pool will be less too.

You can further customize plunge pools with dark-colored linings that are on-trend right now. 

Amazing above-ground pool ideas for a small backyard

Above-ground pools are a more common small pool design and you’ll see from these incredible images just how versatile they are.

Small Above ground pool
Above ground pool

They can be integrated into decking or use attractive wood framing to fit in your garden decor.

Take a look at these stunning designs.

An Endless Pools R500 RECSPORT® pool

Endless Pools is the creator of small backyard swimming pools that are designed for stationary swimming.

But how do you swim without moving?

That’s the secret of these ingenious compact pools, which use a propulsive current that a single swimmer can swim against for as long as they want.

Despite being small, it’s the only pool in the world where you never need to turn!

Concrete backyard pool by Aquascape

If you have a courtyard garden, a concrete backyard pool, like the one by Aquascape, could be an elegant solution.

A considered above-ground concrete pool design is an ideal option because poured concrete is so versatile and can be integrated into your landscaping in a variety of ways.

As long as your setback rules and easements are forgiving, many pool contractors can find a way!

A Water Well by Endless Pools

This partially in-ground pool by endless pools is a WaterWell.

The WaterWell is an indoor and outdoor pool solution that is designed to deliver a functional pool in compact spaces.

You can use it for all the fitness, recreation, and relaxation purposes you would a normal-sized pool.

This remarkable plunge pool includes a submerged treadmill or aquabike, so you can work out while submerged which is beneficial for muscles and joints.

Urban Wooden Pool by The Wooden Pool StoreUK

This compact pool design is a clever solution for a small backyard and is not as expensive as you think.

This wood-clad above-ground swimming pool comes with a built-in safety cover, underwater lights, and fittings like a skimmer, pump, ladder, and even planter.

Its smallest size is 4.2 by 3.5 meters and is a complete and contained design that won’t overwhelm a smaller garden.

Cool circle pools for tiny gardens

Circle pools are the perfect solution for a small garden and can be made to work in even the smallest spaces.

Small round inground pool idea
Small round inground pool

They are also very affordable with temporary pools that can be set up quickly for a very low price.

Check the circle pools out.

Round white plunge pool

This gorgeous white plunge pool uses vertical height rather than space to create a refreshing swimming experience in a compact garden.

The decked poolside area is also secured by a gate. Integrated seating makes this an exclusive retreat!

Bestway round inflatable pool

A great solution, that is easy on the wallet is a classic inflatable pool.

These are cheap and easy solutions for a summer of splashing paddling family fun as they can be set up in even a very small garden temporarily.

Like any other swimming pool, the water needs to be sanitized.

Be sure to add chlorine, a pH balance, and algaecide to keep you and your little ones safe! A pool pump and filter should also be used to keep the water circulating. 

Intex metal frame above-ground pool

Remember mom or pop getting one of these out of the shed once school was out for summer?

Well, relive the fun in your small garden with a classic metal frame pool that’s perfect for any staycation.

They are more durable than inflatable pools meaning they will be able to withstand even the roughest water play.

Assembling a metal frame pool is straightforward and quick, making it a great project for a summer weekend. Most models come with the filters and pumps needed.

Round wooden pool sunk into decking

An octagonal pool is cleverly sunk into decking in this compact arrangement.

Some smaller pools are available as a DIY kit that you can install yourself to save cash.

It’s a great alternative to a full-sized pool and smartens up an underutilized corner of your yard!

Round backyard pool ideas
Round backyard pool

Rounding Up 

As you can see, even the smallest backyard has the potential to host a beautiful pool without breaking the bank.

A small pool may have advantages in a larger garden due to its easy maintenance and lower installation costs.

For the smallest gardens, don’t overlook investing in an inflatable or metal-frame pool that can be dismantled easily, to cool off on those hot summer days!

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